B2B Content & Digital Marketing Services

To support client requirements I offer both hourly rate and packages options which enable you to manage your marketing budget in a way that meets your needs.


Package options

  • Website content review – I will cast a fresh eye over your website content and provide tips to improve performance and conversion.
  • Blog posts – The core of many content marketing propositions,  blog posts are a key element which will drive traffic to your website.  I can craft the right blog post for your ideal customer.  I would recommend booking a block of 4 at a time to help you build your audience engagement and maintain their attention.
  • Social Media – Whilst content media management can be time consuming, it is a cost-effective way of driving traffic to your website and allowing you to convert visitors to your site to customers.
  • Email Marketing – Let me help you craft an email marketing strategy with a variety of automated emails that can talk to your database at the approprate time with the correct message.

Ongoing support – book blocks of time

If  you have a content based marketing plan, I can put the plan into practice and see it through to fruition.  This will leave you valuable time to concentrate on your core business.

Contract Marketing Resource for Marketing teams

I am happy to be a virtual member of the team and support the Marketing function to deliver against their objectives.  Services include:

  • Copy-writing – Blog posts, social media, award entries, editorial, press releases, web- copy, editing
  • Content strategy & CRM
  • Social media management – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Buffer, Later
  • Marketing automation – Hubspot
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Channel Training & incentives

If you would prefer me to put together a bespoke package to fit your business specific needs , please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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