How to improve engagement on your LinkedIn pages – for SoHo Businesses

This week I have been helping a client work on improving and building on their personal and Company LinkedIn pages.  LinkedIn was previously perceived as primarily a platform to look for your next job.  Now its a huge business network that professionals look to in order to increase their business knowledge and engage with others in similar communities.

With over 20 million users signed up in the UK, it is a fantastic place to build up your company’s brand presence at relatively low cost.  If you are one of the users who may have signed up in the past but not really made the most of your profile, then these simple tips can help you improve engagement on the platform.

Firstly, if making multiple changes on your profile, it may be worth switching notifications to your network off until you are ready to present your shiny new profile to your professional network!

Step 1 – Only share your profile changes once you are ready

While making changes/updating your profile, its best to switch notifications off.  Once you are happy with the profile, you can change this back.

  1. On your own profile page
  2. Click the pencil icon
  3. At the bottom turn the switch to “no”

Step 2 – Fine-tune your profile

Be sure to add a profile picture, this is essential as many people will not connect without a real person’s picture.  Please use a picture that is ideally in colour, smiling and looking at the camera.

Read through your profile, or even better, have a friend or colleague read it through.  Make sure that it truly reflects you and your business and that any small typos are corrected.  Once you have finished this step, leave it 24 hours and read it again.

Step 3 – Build your connections

This doesn’t have to be a mammoth job – Look to connect with 10 contacts that you either have worked with, or are suppliers or clients.  An ideal goal is to get above the 500 connection mark in order to be found more easily so keep going if you are on a roll.

Send personal messages to new connections explaining why you wish to connect with them and how you have worked with them in the past.

Step 4 – General Housekeeping

  • On your website, add a LinkedIn button to your contact us details, directing people to your company page.
  • Every time you post a blog or update page then add sharing buttons to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Step 6 – Content & Engagement

This can be the clincher which often drops off due to time commitments or other priorities taking over.  Think about the type of audience you would like to engage with and look to curate and post relevant content which is of use to them.  It doesn’t all need to be written by you, it can be 3rd party content but be prepared to engage in conversation on these topics once you post them.  I see many reminders that these are called “social” networks for a reason.  It’s all very well using time-saving schedulers to post new content (I’m guilty of this!) but it can really help to start building relationships when you comment or feedback to people’s posts or indeed go and look for groups on your specialist subjects and get involved there.

If you really can’t face writing content or posts for LinkedIn then see if there is anyone else in your business that could take it on or look to outsource to a good quality copy-writer or Digital Marketing Specialist.

What are your top tips for engaging with LinkedIn?  When have you found it the most value and what companies do you like to follow?  Get in touch or contact me through my website.

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