4 interesting blog images I captured last summer

Yesterday, whilst browsing my Twitter feed, I clicked on yet another list of how to write the best content for clients.  I was reminded that aside from a headline “hook”, another key goal is to get great images and capture the reader’s attention.

On our family holiday to the Isle of Wight this year we took the “proper” camera with us so that I could get some images of my own to use instead of free stock photos.  It was refreshing to be taking shots that weren’t family snaps.  My husband and I also enjoyed coming up with captions for a blog post.

1. Even of its prickly, it can still be an opportunity

Thistle & Bee Kandu Marketing

2. Sometimes the best ideas come from old classics

Punch & Judy

 3. Don’t get roped into a project that doesn’t fit your skills or objectives

Twisted Rope

4. Make sure you know where and what the beacons are that guide you



These are some suggestions, but feel free to add more in the comments section!


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