Does part-time equal smarter working?

I’m all for supporting anything that promotes how flexible work can beneficial for  businesses as well as employees.  So I loved hearing about Powowow now launching another initiative promoting flexible working.

I have been working “flexi” or “part” or “compressed” time for the best part of seven years.  I have constantly been called “lucky”, even as recently as this week.  I count myself as very lucky, but wonder if anyone has ever said to previous bosses/clients how “lucky” they are to have a part-time worker.  Anecdotally a previous manager told me how great it was that I completed full-time objectives on part-time pay.  I think it was what we used to call a “disguised” compliment.

However, it seemed odd to me that the #smarterworkinitiative was launched in the first week of the school holidays.    I love my job and I love the flexibility it offers.  I hope that I also offer my clients more experience for less cost as its over fewer hours.  But I am very much in the minority.  I can only think of a handful of other friends and colleagues in a similar situation and these cases have inevitably come around through either networking or working for themselves.

The school holidays are such an odd time for a part-timer.  In some ways we have more time as the day is longer than school-hours.  However  usually our kids are going through some kind of patch-work quilt of holiday activities, clubs, relatives, friends and that panacea that is the over-priced family summer holiday!  Sometimes it can be tricky to maintain focus and not feel the holiday relax mode spreading through the whole house-hold.

Its week 1 of the school holidays and this week has gone well, I’ve managed to work a few extra hours and even get some family chores done but I must admit that even being part-time and “flexible” I do prefer the routine of the school term when I can clearly switch between business and childcare focus at the same time each day.

So here is my #Flexie from earlier in the week, catching up on social media from the car before picking up and heading to the paddling pool – keeping it all in perspective after all its the #smarterworkinitiative after all isn’t it!?



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