Hurrah, football is on the telly 24/7…

…I really really really don’t like football.

No really, it’s not (just) because I’m Scottish and my national team doesn’t feature.  It’s not because I lived in Glasgow for years and witness plenty of sectarian clashes.  I just don’t really get it..

Anyway, I digress, the real reason I am delighted, is that I have a to do list as long as my arm split between work for my current client, getting set up with this website and every day life with a young family.  So, while the telly is rubbish I will ban myself from my kindle and use the time to focus on three wins, one for each area of life.

First, attending an awards ceremony this week as finalists in two categories, its the first award entry  I completed back in January so I’m excited to see the result – more on this in another post.

posh bag2

Next up, getting going with the website, a few more tweaks needed and then its time to start tweeting, linking and joining and generally spreading the word.

Lastly, we need to book a summer holiday, one that is cheap yet luxurious, fun yet relaxing, sociable yet peaceful and definitely no football!




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