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Recently as part of my work with a current client, I was able to attend several short training sessions hosted by Bucks Business First and delivered by the wonderfully dry Nigel Temple.

Its 9 pm on a bank holiday, the shopping has just been delivered and its time to write another blog.  Nigel suggested starting to write at 5am in the morning, hence the reference to the time of day.   We have two young kids and I think my daughter woke me up at 5am the day after the course – so I did have a little chuckle to myself at this suggestion!

What 3 tips did I  gather about increasing digital presence for a small businesses?

  1. Social media really does matter – if you aren’t doing it now, your competitor will be.  Even if you are super busy working or just life (see note above) you need to dedicate time or money to communicating with clients past and future.
  2. Keep your website as simple as possible.  The average person can manage up to 9 menu items before they switch off.  Be sure your site states clearly who you are and what you sell, how people can get in touch with you and why visitors might want to learn more about what you can offer.
  3. Think about your audience, nobody cares what your problems are, unless you can demonstrate that they can be solutions for the issues they may be facing.

Another thing I gathered was that people who enjoy writing tend to be avid readers.  This weekend I started (and finished) the latest Maggie ‘O’ Farrell novel “This Must Be The Place”.   I DO love reading so please get in touch if I can help with any copy-writing requirements.

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