Just. Write. Something

In the last six months I have gone from full-time mum to fully functioning part-time freelance Marketing Consultant.

In working with my first client I have been fortunate enough to be allowed the freedom to write copy about engaging topics – sustainable buildings, innovation in product design and Corporate Social Responsibility to name but a few.  Head on over to the Monodraught website if you want to read more.

I’ve also started to up-skill in digital & social marketing and as a result I have been led to start to build my own website and write my first blog, but what to write about?  According to the training I should be thinking about my audience, blogging once a week, becoming a thought leader, picking inspirational topics…and yikes, its quite a combination, and would be enough to put anyone off!

So I’ve decided: Just. Write. Something…oh and pop a picture of the kids in, apparently cute pictures are good for viral marketing…

London calling

I’d love to hear from you on particular topics which may be of interest, in the meantime this blog will be a heady combination of marketing insight, flexible work musings and the odd piece of non-work copy.


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